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Hospitality aims to introduce students to a range of employment opportunities in the industry. The subject is offered to students in Year 10, with Hospitality Studies and Hospitality Practices available for study in Years 11 & 12.

Year 10

A broad overview of the industry is given particularly concentrating on the food production and service sectors, with practical work including cookery undertaken. Topics of study are Food Production, Food Service, Nutrition and the Hospitality Industry, and Accommodation Services.

Years 11 & 12

Hospitality is an Applied subject which aims to introduce the students to a range of employment opportunities in the hospitality industry. Hospitality combines general and vocational education components. Through this convergence, students are provided with opportunities to achieve a variety of meaningful and relevant outcomes.

The vocational training program incorporated into this course is based on the industry framework course "Certificate 1 in Hospitality" (Operations). Students have the opportunity to develop entry-level competencies required in the workplace, commensurate with the Australian Standards Framework.

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Mr John Evans
Head of Faculty - Hospitality