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The aim of English  is to enable students to become successful, effective, responsive, flexible, critical and creative communicators in a range of situations for a variety of purposes now, and in the future.  

English encourages and supports diversity in learning and accommodates a range of learning styles.

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Ms Katie Watson
Head of Faculty - English

Years 7 - 9

The Middle School’s English program has been designed to provide a smooth transition from Primary language and literature programs to the more academic focus present in the later years of schooling.  Students also take part in our Townsville Grammar School Writing Competition.

Year 7

Year 7 English program is deliberately flexible, allowing for negotiation and collaboration in this first vital year of Middle School. This dynamic program includes a language skills lesson each week based on "Education Perfect" and incorporating weekly homework activities, our wide reading programme, and regular creative writing activities. Students explore and create a wide range of written, spoken and visual texts.

Year 8

A language skills lesson each week based on English Skills Builder 1 and incorporating weekly homework activities is the cornerstone of our Year 8 English program. This is crucial in order to develop effective homework patterns and an excellent foundation in vocabulary and basic literacy skills. Throughout this program, students cover topics such as descriptive and creative writing as well as novel and genre studies. Students also study how representations are constructed in both visual and literary texts. 

Year 9

The focus of the Year 9 English program shifts to include a detailed analysis of the styles of writing required in Senior English. Students continue their work through their English Skills Builder 2 textbooks. Students are asked to create a range of written and spoken genres, from an analytical essay, dramatic play script and employment package to presenting persuasive speeches.  Students consolidate their basic language skills and continue to develop those critical literacy techniques which are so important in Senior English.

More detailed information is available in the Years 7-9 Subject Handbook.


Years 10 - 12
Year 10

The Year 10 program has been re-designed to best provide a springboard into Senior English studies. The programdirectly and explicitly engages students with the theory underpinning the Senior Syllabus, including the theoretical language requirements. The content of the course has also been augmented to include more challenging tasks, subject matter and conditions for assessment. The aim is not merely to provide a transition between Middle and Senior School studies, but to actually, in effect, function as a first year of Senior English.

Years 11 and 12

English is offered as an Authority Subject for students in Years 11 and 12, aiming to develop student expertise in using language appropriately and effectively in a variety of social contexts and to increase student appreciation of language and its uses.

English Communication, an Authority Registered subject, gives students the opportunity to increase his or her range of communication skills.  This subject is offered to students dependent on numbers.

More detailed information is available in the Years 10-12 Subject Handbooks.


Writing Competition


The Townsville Grammar School Writing Competition is an annual event aimed at developing written communication skills.

Usually held in Term 1, the Competition provides an opportunity to practise writing under strict test conditions and time limits in response to print and visual stimulus. It is also an opportunity to practise skills such as planning, self-editing, proofreading and examination techniques such as reading and following instructions, and effective use of time.

The competition is also an occasion where students with particular talent may showcase their ability and be recognised by the School community. Most of all, as this is an annual event, there will be repeated opportunities to practise, learn and improve.

Who is involved?

All students from Years 6 to 12 participate in the Competition. The Competition provides a link between the three Campuses of the School and an opportunity for shared experience and celebration of achievement. Classroom and English teachers mark the entries. The teachers also meet to deliberate and select prizewinners.

The criteria used for marking are derived from those used to mark the NAPLAN Writing Paper and the Queensland Core Skills Writing Task.  The QCS Writing Task is completed by all OP eligible Year 12 students in Queensland each year.

Why is it a good idea?
  • Improved preparedness for written tests and examinations
  • Improved writing skills in general
  • Improved examination techniques
  • Enhanced preparation for the Writing Task
  • An outlet for creative writing abilities
  • An opportunity to win certificates and win medals: High Distinction, Distinction and Credit Certificates, and a prize medal for the boy and girl winner in each year level