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Board of Trustees

Each of the eight Grammar Schools in Queensland is constituted under the Grammar Schools Act 2016 (Qld) and is a Statutory Body, governed by a Board of Trustees.

Members of the Board of Trustees of Townsville Grammar School:

  • Chairman of the Board of Trustees - Mr Carl Valentine
  • Deputy Chairman - Mrs Bev Price
  • Mr Grant Bell
  • Professor Chris Cocklin
  • Judge Stuart Durward AM KC
  • Dr Ian Reddie

Queensland Grammar Schools - 1863-1892

The eight Queensland Grammar Schools were established between 1863 and 1892.

Historically, the establishment of a Grammar School was a form of community-government partnership that provided a cost-effective way for the State Government to support secondary school education, before the newly independent State was in a position to establish state secondary schools. The contemporary approach is for the State to provide secondary education through the establishment of a state school under the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006.

The State Government also supports the provision of education through the regulation and funding of non-government schools.

The Grammar Schools Act

The Grammar School Act 2016 (GSA) and the Grammar Schools Regulation 2016 provide a framework for the establishment and regulation of eight Queensland Grammar Schools. Each school is governed by a Board of Trustees, appointed by the Governor in Council. The GSA provides that the Board of Trustees for each Grammar School is a statutory body. The GSA regulates the business of the Grammar School Boards, the keeping and auditing of accounts and making of budgets.