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The student experience at Townsville Grammar School is one of respect, encouragement, support and joy as they develop a great love of discovery.

Students from  Pre-Prep to Year 12  are encouraged and supported to strive for "personal best", a term which encapsulates the Grammar experience.

Personal best means something different to every student, from those who are four years of age in Pre-Prep, to those who are entering Year 7 or finishing Year 12. Personal best is a mindset, an attitude that applies well to all facets of life, in relationships, in community and in the work place.

Being a student at Townsville Grammar School is one of opportunity. Our students are offered:

  • Exceptional education 
  • An extensive range of co-curricular opportunities
  • Personal development and pastoral care
  • Community service opportunities and leadership development
  • School spirit through participation, healthy competition, support and encouragement
  • A Pre-Prep to Year 12 community with inter-campus connections, events and celebrations

Upon graduating from Townsville Grammar School, students become a member of the School's extensive alumni, a strong network of Past Grammarians who remain passionate about and connected with the School through the Past Grammarians Association.